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Fiscal responsibility? Elitism?

The McCain/Palin campaign spent $150k of contributor dollars (or was that public financing dollars?) to spruce up Sarah Palin's wardrobe for the campaign.

$150,000. That's "pay off the mortgage" money for folks outside California. It's half our mortgage.

Palin's make-up artist is the highest-paid member of the McCain/Palin campaign staff, coming in at over $22k for the first two weeks of October.

$22,000. That's "replace a crappy old car" money with change left over.

I understand that Palin has to look good for the camera; it wouldn't do for a former beauty queen to repeat Nixon's mistake of 1960. This, though, is irresponsibility on a grand scale (by "little peoples'" standards). It's so far beyond John Edwards' $400 haircuts and Hilary Clinton's $3,000 beautician visits it's not funny, and it's all for less than 8 weeks of the end of the campaign.

Yet some people trust these candidates with their tax money.


Oct. 24th, 2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
The money came from the RNC. Define "contributor" there.

Are you saying the RNC has a magic money fountain? Perhaps they've got their own printing press that spits out dollars? Last I heard, individuals and businesses contributed the money that the national committees used to operate.

The RNC is subject to the McCain-Feingold Campaign Fiance Reform Act. In Sec 323.A.1, national committees are explicitly listed as being subject to the act. Sec 313.B.2 lists clothing purchases as being a prohibited conversion.

It's not about Palin's appearance. It's about McCain's appearance. It appears they're violating a law that McCain championed and has his name on it. It's about McCain & Palin's hypocrisy.

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