Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Republican Desperation...

So there's the Acorn hoo-ha. While registration fraud is bad, there are three reasons this isn't the big scandal that the Republicans are making it out to be:
  1. Voter registration groups are required to submit all registration forms they collect, even if the canvassers are certain that the person filling them out is lying on them. It's the law. It's normal. In itself, it's not suspicious
  2. Registration fraud is a losing game. It's very difficult to translate to effective polling-place fraud. You need tens of thousands of people to pretend to be the fake registrants, and that's impractical at best.
  3. The current investigations indicate that rather than widespread concerted registration fraud at Acorn, what happened with the few large concentrations of bad forms was some minimum wage slackers faking their work.
It's much easier to engage in wholesale disenfranchisement by denying masses of legitimate registrations. The Supreme Court just prevented Republicans in Ohio from doing just that.

There's "Joe the Plumber" who turns out to not really be a plumber, turns out to have lied about his plumbers' union membership on his Facebook page, turns out to be an in-law of Charles Keating, turns out to be a registered Republican, turns out to owe a few grand in back taxes...

There's John McCain's use of the same robocalling company (FLS-Connect) and tactics that he condemned when W used them against him in the 2000 South Carolina primary (then it was John McCain's interracial child and Cindy McCain's drug abuse, this time it's "palling around with terrorists").

There's the "natural born citizen" bullshit. It doesn't matter what "evidence" the folks making this claim manufacture. Obama's mother is a US citizen, he's naturally born to her, he derives his citizenship from her, regardless of where it happened, regardless of his father's nationality.

Then again, maybe that last one isn't a bad argument.

Get John PanaMcCain out of the election! We don't want a Mexican President! That's why he's so soft on illegal immigration! And that Palin chick, I bet her Idaho birth certificate is a fake! She can see Russia from her house! She's really a natural born Russian! It's illegals and commies trying to take over the White House!

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