Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

What happened.

I had a most excellent time this weekend.

I think.

I'll have a better idea when I'm in a state that more closely resembles awake.

Thursday evening we hauled stuff to the DTree, checked in, and met with unayok, kaysho and Brig. A quick unload later and we were on our way to LeatherMasters for a quick shopping stop and then for a fabulous dinner at Habana Cuba Restaurant. Picked up our badges after we got back and then had a few drinks before bed.

Picked up our badges? Yep, this weekend was Further Confusion 2005, a five-day furry extravaganza. Unfortunately, I had to go in to work for a while on Friday, but from there it was smooth sailing.

Got back from work, checked into our party room, and set up the League of Evil Geniuses party with the help from those what mentioned above and lobolance. Had dinner, nagged ajayav about our ice delivery (and she really came through for us!), cleaned up and opened the party.

This FC was a weird party convention. There were only 2 other open room parties on Friday night, FurTribe and The Suburban Jungle. Still, we had a good crowd. Groat came through and commented "You know, this is like the parties we used to have at old science fiction conventions." Couldn't have asked for a higher compliment.

Saturday was recovery. Recovery from too much wine, too little sleep and too little food. Didn't do too much during the day. Checked out parties, but again there weren't too many of them; SacFurs, CaliFur, Klingons and the return of FurTribe mostly.

We did recover well enough to enjoy lots of the late-night Uffington Horse concert and deliver the band some much-appreciated whisky.

Saturday was much more... oh, wait, that was Saturday.

Sunday was much more enjoyable, from the perspective of being more capable of enjoying things in the first place. Less alcohol the night before, less work setting up and cleaning up parties the day before, more just relaxing, shopping and hanging out. Hauled the party boxes back to the house. Caught Heather, Phil, Andrew and David and schlepped them up to the room (with JoAnn and Scott Abbot) for more whisky, wine and a bit of Foamy.

Lots of folks left on Sunday, but nearly as many stayed 'til the end on Monday. Didn't do much con-function stuff, mostly hung out with friends. Went to dinner at Chef Chu's with glittercat13, darrelx, Gizmo, Davina and her fianceé. Cleared out the room and hung out at the Dead Dog party for a bit before crashing.

Looking forward to next year's con...

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