Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

So more on continuous lighting...

So I've got strobist_bs on my friends page. It's a blog about using "speedlites" (yeah, it's a Canon trademark, but it's used generically to refer to small portable strobes; Nikon calls their portable strobes "speedlights") in innovative ways to reproduce/replace complicated studio lighting systems.

I've got a basic problem, though. None of my cameras have a flash-shoe, so, as I mentioned, I can't really take advantage of that many of the ideas they post.

The writer, though, was interviewed on the podcast E065. Now somehow I had missed, but it's an interesting website. In addition to podcasts, they also produce vidcasts, and LSS004 - Natural Light Mixed with Continuous Light it's interesting.

Of course, the really cool bit for me was a link to LinCo/Britek, producer of relatively inexpensive continuous fluorescent lighting systems.

Of particular interest are the bargain "eBay Booster Kit" (each instrument is the equivalent of 175w of incandescent) and the Small Business Kit (270w each, and includes a "professional lighting instructional DVD"). They're cheap enough that they're probably worth buying (rather than going the diy route).

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