Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Reminder for getting to SF for the ND8 Upgrade Seminar on the 16th.

Go to: Caltrain Station - San Jose, Cahill St & San Fernando St (511 location map) (Google map)

Board: Caltrain Northbound Line/San Francisco at 5:45 am (next at 6:03 am) (schedule detail)
Fare: Pay $7.50, Get Caltrain Rail Ticket

Get Off: Caltrain Station - San Francisco at 6:42 am

Go to: S. Corner Of Townsend St & 4th St (511 location map) (Google map)

Board: SF Muni Bus #10/Vanness&North Point at 6:49 am (next bus 6:59 am) (schedule detail)

Important! Important Announcements About This Route What is Important Announcement?

Fare: Pay $1.50

Get Off: North Point St & Jones St at 7:14 am

Go to: 555 North Point Street in San Francisco (511 location map) (Google map)

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