Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

A thought...

There are people on my flist who will understand this. There are people who won't because they never started a project like this. There are people who won't because they never finished/ended/quit a project like this.

I had such a blast at BayCon on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The last League of Evil Geniuses party is over. No more cramming in big shopping trips in the week leading up to the convention. No more 2-carload (or larger) move-ins. No more losing a whole day to decorating and clean-up. No more dealing with party guests who are too hammered to appreciate what we're serving (not that we ever had that many).

Costume-Con 26 is over. No more needing to be ready at a moment's notice to talk up the convention, hand out a flier, convince people that they really ought to come. No more telling dealers that we had a unique opportunity for them. No more recruiting staff, staff and more staff to make sure the workload wasn't too heavy. No more being "on" all the time, being a good (or at least not bad) example all the time. No more sitting fan tables.

For the first time in 6 years, we went to an event just to go (well, starting Saturday). We actually got to attend the convention. We went to parties. We hung out in the fanzine lounge. We did a little programming. We didn't have to have a high profile at the masquerade (we didn't even see it, but neither did a lot of other people).

We had a good time.

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