Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Everybody's doing it...

My Baycon schedule:

Sun. 1:00 PM Bayshore East The Costumer's Hardware Store
The fabric store is not the only place a costumer needs to visit. Your local hardware store contains tools every costumer needs, and the costume accessories and finishing touches can really make the costume.

Sun. 4:00 PM Monterey How To Be In Two Places At The Same Time
This panel will provide an overview on the emerging field of hyper-time management, The panelists, who are all scheduled to be on at least one other panel at the same time, will discuss the evolution of the field, present basic techniques, demonstrate different techniques, and answer questions the audience will ask some time in the future. If there is sufficient time, being in more than two places at the same time will also be touched on. Audience members who are in other sessions at the same time are especially encouraged to attend.

Sun. 4:00 PM Alameda Making Patterns Fit
After you buy that great pattern, how do you make it fit properly? Our panelists show you how to alter the pattern, using a combination of drafting techniques and toile fitting.

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