Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

So yeah, I'm happy...

...but the Christotarians are continuing their cries that this is destroying marriage.

So for those of you out there heterosexually bonded in matrimony, I ask you one thing:

Is your marriage weaker now than it was at 9:59 am PDT, May 15, 2008?

If you can say "no" then good for you.

If you have to say "yes," you're a sad, sad person and I feel very sorry for you.

Did it take an outside influence, "threatening marriage," to make you notice the flaws in your own marriage? Has your marriage been a sham this whole time, only held together by government pressure? Is your marriage so weak that the government allowing other people of other traditions and faiths (or not partaking in any faith) to exercise their rights shatters your own faith and your marriage?

Feel free to ask these questions to others...

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