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Short notes on the weekend...

Saturday morning's PenWAG Fashion Show wasn't a walk in the park, but in the end ran smooth as glass. Started on time, ran on time, the show itself was beautiful, and finished on time.

Saturday afternoon's visit to The Computer History Museum for the Babbage Difference Engine reception was a blast, even if it started with "I don't remember where the museum is, do you?" johnnyeponymous gave us a quick personal highlights tour of the "Visible Storage." It was too cool.

Saturday night's Imagecraft product release party was great, with a bunch of the usual suspects and some folks from the CC26 staff who have never been to one of these before. If you were there, get on over to didjiman's LJ and let him know who you are.

Sunday was spent sleeping, mostly.

We did a run to see Iron Man. This is what a comic book movie is supposed to be. I loved the Stan Lee cameo.

We did dinner at E&O Trading Company. I have to remember that I'm not thrilled by their Pad Thai, but everything else was good and the soy mushroom rice was breathtaking.

We may skip BASFA tonight, K is feeling a smidge off.

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