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CC26 Lost Diaries: Sunday 4/27

Sunday started rough. I should have been out of bed at 9:00, but instead woke up 5 minutes before my 10:00am panel.

I threw on Japanese and went to find my panel, only 5 minutes late. Only one problem. I didn't know where it was. I found a display screen that told me it was in an empty room. After a few minutes I went to gurdymonkey's panel on pre-Edo Japanese costume (where I joked I was 50 years late in my Edo-style kataginu kamishimo). I helped her and Tara get one of their laptops up and running for her slide show, and sat in for most of the panel.

It turns out my panel was in another room, but the rest of the folks handled it well without me.

I was a smidge late for PDID (the Future Fashion Show), and missed wearable art, hats (single pattern) and the Polish coat (single pattern 2) but I saw the clown costume (single pattern 3) and the fashion show entries. It went off flawlessly (on the surface at least). All of the entries were fabu.

Around (late) lunch we had our real emergency of the weekend. One of the attendees slipped in the green room and slashed her leg. It was messy, but the folks who were there did the right thing before our staff medics could get to her, and by the time the EMTs got to her she was stable enough she didn't have to be hauled out on a stretcher. The last I heard she got stitches and was able to drive herself home. If you were wondering about the fire truck, that was it.

K and I actually got a nap. HTH?

He decided to dress in his St. George uniform, so I followed suit. We went down for Historical Masq. All the errors of Saturday were accounted for. The room opened on time. The show started on time. There were only one or two tech glitches. The Screen did not return.

Oh, and all the entries were just amazing. Judging ran a smidge long, but with that panel I'm surprised that we didn't see blood pouring from under the door. They're all very thorough and opinionated. Awards were printed and distributed.

Around midnight we went up to the party floor where things were, again, in full swing.

Well, that was the theory. I stopped at ops to drop off stuff from the masquerade, and found the Xerox printer was crashing. I spent some time with Spike and Tom futzing with it, and did get it to reboot, at which point we put it to sleep and put off more printing until morning.

"Daleks in Manhattan" returned. They had done a large enough supply buy for two nights, and they had the room for Sunday, so they decided to re-open. On Saturday we had our Dr. Who SF party, "Daleks in Manhattan." On Sunday we had our Dr. Who Historical party, "Daleks in Manhattan." Lisa & Chris also re-opened, and consuite ran a bit later than Saturday.

Eventually we helped rescue Merv & Judith from their party guests so they could close, and went up to the Seattle party, where one of the crew was celebrating her win in Historical masq. There were enough members of Beyond Reality Costumers Guild to have a quorum, and they called a meeting to discuss perhaps running a Costume-Con in Seattle again in the future.

We then hauled down to our own room for a few more drinks, and stayed up until 6:00am.

Sleep: 5 hours
Alcohol: Lots

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