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CC26 Lost Diaries: Saturday 4/26

So if I could skip writing about one day, this would be it. Saturday was rough.

I got up in time for breakfast to make it to my 10:00 am panel. Yep, 10:00 am panel, after getting to sleep at 6:00 am.

Fortunately it was the masquerade judging panel, a panel I could moderate in my sleep. I wasn't scheduled to moderate, but things got shuffled around and I found myself moderator with Pierre, Sandy and Janet W-A. It went very well.

I looked around the dealers room again and chatted with folks.

I called the bus company to cancel the Tuesday winery tour. We only had 5 people, including me, and noon was my cancellation deadline.

I also changed into my St. Mungo's Hospital scrubs. I also got K changed into his before the masquerade started. That was an effort.

The rest of the day got eaten by working on F&SF masq glitches.

K spent much of the afternoon fighting with a F&SF masq registration database issue, and finally got it sorted out. F&SF masq tech rehearsals ran long. There were issues with transcription of tech notes and MC scripts. Snack order/delivery to the green room was flubbed, and only the kosher snacks were handled (yes, it was still Passover). House opened 15 minutes late (no big deal). Scripts for tech, MC and stage crew were still printing. Show started 45 minutes late (a big deal). There were many tech glitches. Judges reference photos took longer to process than anticipated.

Many of these problems could be laid to process errors and automation errors. It was the first show of the weekend. It was the first time we had ever used the masq database with pre-reg data from another source. It was the first time we used the masq database at a con with full tech rehearsals. There are other contributing factors but you're going to have to buy me a drink to get them.

Then there was The Screen. What was in reality an ugly tech error was seen as a hilarious piece of guerilla theater (that the participants didn't realize). It started out as a WTF? moment and quickly turned into mad laughter among the audience. One day The Screen will return.

johnnyeponymous and Tadao did a most excellent job of keeping the audience entertained. Awards were finished, printed and handed out.

Then we went to parties. It was around midnight. The Klingons were still open, and still had Revenge. BASFA had a quiet (and somewhat unanticipated) party. The "Daleks in Manhattan" party was rolling hard. I'm not sure what Chris & Lisa's party was, but they had great sangria. I ended up hanging out in the sewing workroom with flotsomnjetsom and finally got to bed around 6:00am.

Sleep: 3.5 hours
Alcohol: Plenty, but less than Friday

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