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Watching all the Eurovision Previews...

...so you don't have to.

Really, this time.

You don't have to. You really shouldn't. This is a stinker of a year.

The Turks have the best entry, a bit of Turkish hard rock that's a decent song and a relatively creative video. Watch this one.

The Irish, with their big two fingers "up yours" to Eurovision is probably second.

The Finns put in a good showing with heavy metal band Teräsbetoni. But it's Teräsbetoni. It's hard to take them seriously; nobody knows for certain if they take themselves seriously. If you like metal, you will probably like it.

The rest? Fair-to-middlin' pre-fab pop. No tight-harmony pop. No boy bands. No drag queens. A lot of dance divas, all wearing the same silver sequined dress, just some wearing less of it.

There's not even anything really mad. Sure, you've got an anorexic dude from Bosnia/Herzegovina singing to a chicken, Latvian pirates, homoerotic Azerbaijani angels and devils and Estonian... well... I'm not sure what to make of the Estonians. The chicken from Bosnia was back for Estonia, though, in the form of a sign with a drumstick on it.

There's a lot of mediocre. Very little that's so bad it's funny. Very little that's truly snarkworthy, unfortunately.

Some of these entries might stand up better to a live staging. The Swiss entry, while better than last year's submission, has a truly unfortunate and incongruous video.

Still, I doubt it. Very few entries last year improved in their transition from the studio to the stage. It's going to be a stinker of a contest this year.


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Apr. 11th, 2008 06:55 pm (UTC)
No boy bands? What were they thinking????!!!???
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