Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

various things...

  1. I said it where other people could hear it, so now I have to carry through with it. About two weeks ago I signed up for a health club membership. Once CC26 is over (say mid-May) I've got to start going. My goal is to look good in a wetsuit for Further Confusion 2009. Why a wetsuit and why FC09? Next year's theme is "Surf Safari!" I want to look good with the rest of the boys in board shorts and wetsuits.
  2. I've slowly been disconnecting external drives from the minitower machine, now that all of our data should be on the ReadyNAS. Assuming they continue to work, they'll get converted to backup volumes for the ReadyNAS.
  3. The media station is now working well for video playback. It's got gnome-mplayer for basic video playback, and MythTV as a front-end for dealing with DVD image files and video.ts folder structures. I've also got a copy of VLC Media Player installed, but I'm likely only to use it when MPlayer fails at something. I'm less thrilled with my audio-playback options. Gmusicbrowser can access my music folders at the file level, but, of course, doesn't give me my iTunes playlists. The ReadyNAS has Firefly DAAP (iTunes) Music server, and can share out songs and playlists, but Rhythmbox doesn't get the playlists for me (or I don't know where to look for them) and it's pretty crashy on the Hardy Heron beta.

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