Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

super-neato LJ tool...

I love the "Edit Friends" feature in Semagic and how it tracks changes in your friends list. It doesn't do this for communities you participate in, and it doesn't do anything with friend-of-a-friend type information, though.

Patrick Barry's LJNet does.

(BTW, this isn't the "LJ.Net" that's a livejournal client. It's something very different.)

Warning: LJNet takes forever to initialize the first time you load a network. The startup interface is a bit odd, too. Start the program, type your LJ username (where? just click in the window and start typing, trust me), hit enter, and let it run. It will collect and cache data for hours. Seriously. Let it run, do other things, go to bed, and it might be ready when you get up in the morning. johno, you might want to start this before going away for a long weekend.

Once it has cached data, updates are much quicker.

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