Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Alright, all you history junkies out there...

I need some help (or you can translate this to "I'm feeling too lazy to do the research myself right now").

I'm looking for two things:
  • Fonts: anybody know any good renaissance-y fonts? I'm looking for something that is both relatively period-accurate for Tudor and Elizabethan printed books, broadsheets and handbills, and something that the less-than-educated viewer will think "Oooh, old!" when they see it. Free preferred, but feel free to recommend commercial fonts. OpenType preferred, but feel free to recommend TrueType or PostScript.
  • Tudor & Elizabethan printed things: Books, broadsheets, handbills and signs. Yes, of course, facsimiles preferred, and online sources preferred. At work I've got access to a number of academic online collections, so feel free to recommend restricted services; I might be able to get to them.

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