Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

3-day weekend...

'k, so I work for the State of California. It means I get a bunch of government holidays. Some are, well, unique.

There is, for example, Admission Day, the day the Republic of California was admitted to the Union as the State of California. We don't actually get that day off anymore; the holiday time that we're required to be given by law is used to give us the Friday after Thanksgiving off instead.

Our newest unique holiday (well, about 5 years old, I think) is Cesar Chavez Day. It's on March 31st, and we get the nearest Monday or Friday when it's on a weekend. Means that we've got pretty good odds of a 3-day weekend at the end of March.

This year the odds pay out again. It's next Monday.

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