Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


Well, we survived it.

We skipped Friday night's out-of-town show and went to Renegades for SCCLA bar schmooze and Empress Jackie Best's decade party. Had a good time. Didn't drink too much.

K went to PenWAG meeting Saturday morning. I slept in. Hospitality was a lot of fun; there was a good crowd there.

We got to the Scottish Rite Center just as the doors were opening, and found our table. The center's main ballroom is very nice, and would be a great place to have a big party.

gurdymonkey, didjiman and karisu_sama found us successfully, just in time for the buffet to open. It was a pretty decent little nosh. We also caught up with npage1 and the gang from San Francisco.

Show started a half-hour late (not bad by drag standards, but not great). Opening number by "Divas on the Run" was pretty good, but also pretty long. Queen Mother Nicole "The Great" talked a bit; good substance, but she needs a better speechwriter, because it wasn't well articulated. Most of the entertainers were excellent. Show pacing was a bit off, though. Where SF was long but didn't feel it, SJ was long and by 10:30 was feeling really long.

We headed back to our room, invited a few folks by, and chatted and drank for a while. Well, by the time DST kicked in, 5:30am. Gotta stop doing that quite so often. It was fun, but I just can't booze and stay up that late anymore. Maybe after CC we'll recover some energy...

Totally skipped victory brunch and victory show. Had brunch at Original Pancake House, went home, and slept a lot more.

All in all, flawed but fun.

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