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So for those of you who don't remember (or didn't know in the first place), 4 years ago Kevin spent a year as Emperor of San Jose. The Imperial Court System (and the Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy of San Jose) is a drag/performance oriented organization that builds community and raises funds for other charitable organizations. Not surprisingly, these folks are all about dressing up.

Next weekend (Saturday, March 8, 2008, to be specific) is San Jose's annual Coronation.

It's the big event of the year, where the past year's monarchs are recognized and celebrated, and the new monarchs are elected. Out-of-town courts and in-town businesses and organizations are presented to the outgoing monarchs as a part of this (it's called "walking" for reasons obvious and not).

Costume-Con 26 and The Unconventional Foundation will be walking at San Jose Coronation on Saturday night. It's a good spot to promote the convention.

If you have the time available, please consider joining us at coronation. The more folks we have walking with us, the bigger splash we make. If you can do this, let us know before 5:00 Friday so we can add your name to protocol.

The Coronation theme is "#3 Beakman Place" (Auntie Mame) so if you want to dress in theme, '30s-'40s historical styles, foxhunt "pinks" and all sorts of Orientalia (which is what the last scene in the movie winds up as) would fit. Theme dressing isn't required, formal is always acceptable.

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