Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Since I can't seem to muster enthusiasm...

...let's look at the convention plans:

Here are the likelies:
  • Costume-Con (April 25-28): Membership and hotel taken care of
  • BayCon (May 23-26): Hotel taken care of
  • WesterCon 61 Vegas (July 3-6): Supporting membership, no hotel, no transportation
  • Vintacon: No hotel, no membership
  • Denvention 3 (August 6-10): Hotel, supporting membership, no transportation
  • Silicon (October 3-5): No membership, no hotel
  • Further Confusion 2009 (January 22-26): No membership, no hotel
  • Gallifrey One (February 2009): Membership, no hotel

Here are the unlikelies:

  • Yaoi-Con (September 26-28): no membership, no hotel, hotel selling out fast
  • Gaylaxicon (October 10-13): no membership, no hotel, no transportation

Am I missing anything?

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