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Late weekend update as usual...

So Friday the 13th is. And Friday the 13th is Fright Night at King of Clubs (893 Leong Drive in Mountain View). The IRLM and Stiletto will be putting on a freaky, scary gothic evening of drag and dancing. Show starts at 10:00.

Saturday we don't have a court event. OMG! We'll be doing something that has nothing whatsoever to do with drag, fundraising or community activism. If you're reading this and you're there, you're there. If you're not, sorry.

Sunday is the standard Tent Revival over at Renegades. Well, not exactly standard. It's Imperial Crown Princess Ava Grab-Mor's birthday, and there will be much birthday mayhem goin' on.

And I'll get the jump on a few feature events...

Next weekend is the Bay Area Regional Gay Rodeo. Gay Cowboys for days. You know where we'll be. It's a total blast. Host hotel is Hyatt Rickey's in Palo Alto; there are late afternoon pool parties and evening dances Friday and Saturday. The actual rodeo is at Driscoll Ranches on Highway 84 above San Gregorio Beach during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

August 24th kproche is having a Wine and Cheese for Charity party at Vin Santo Restaurant. $30 for appetizers and 2 glasses of Italian wine, $50 for appetizers and 4 glasses.

August 28th is Gypsy Hijinks at Carla's (124 Race Street, San Jose). The lovely Viridan Crown Countess TamEva Eshlaina von Frankenstein (long title to go with a long name) is planning a wild evening.

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