Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

The events slow down... Costume-Con ramps up hard.

Unless I'm totally wrong on our calendar.

This weekend was rough, more so because we were still recovering a bit from Gallifrey. Saturday morning we had a CC26 committee meeting, and it went pretty well. That was a good thing.

That was a good thing because we had to drive straight up to San Francisco for SF coronation that night. SF coronation is a relatively early event, with doors opening at 5:00pm. It has to be, because even with the best of efforts it's long.

So a wet and windy drive up to SF got us to WholeFoods at California & Franklin where we picked up our "catering" for our table. Yep, grocery shopping before checking in to the hotel. The schedule was tight.

Fortunately, the hotel was only a block away. Unfortunately, the hotel was the SF Holiday Inn Golden Gate, and more unfortunately, the weather was driving idiots under the canopy, making it difficult to check in. Still, we got in and got our room with time to spare (about an hour to clean up and change).

Time was definitely tight, because the tickets for our table were in K's name, and we had to get the gatelist to the will-call desk before anybody else showed up (in the crappy weather). We did get there (along with a pair of gals from Seattle) in reasonable time. We had karisu_sama, didjiman, Princess Jennifer, Sarah Dreaming, Tommy & Michelle at our table, along with a pair of last-minute replacements for folks who couldn't show.

We got the table set, and the show started on schedule. The opening number was a bit incoherent; some sort of thing about getting in trouble, going to jail, getting broken out. I didn't really get it.

We walked early (with in-town organizations, instead of with the San Jose court). This was a good thing.

The acts were pretty good. Three candidates for Emperor. Steven's candidate number was better than his attempt last year, but a bit weird. John's candidate number was great. I heard a rumor it was choreographed by Cockatelia, and it looked it. Paul's candidate number was a bit odd, but not bad. Two candidates for Empress. I was apparently looking the wrong direction during one of them. Cher's was a good number, but she had this nude-look showgirl outfit that she should have either been wearing no fake boobs under or bigger fake boobs under. As it was, she looked like a boy.

Alexis Miranda did a big flashy anniversary number. Marcus Hernandez did a short, nice presentation for his 35th anniversary. Steven Rasher had the audience falling out of their chairs, doing "Sexy Back" and entering using a walker.

John and Cher were elected Emperor and Empress, and were crowned before midnight. There are rumblings of concern over John from some locals, but it's not my town, I don't know the details, I don't have to live there.

All in all, it was a great show, and unlike other years (where 6 hours felt like 12), it just breezed by. That may, though, have been because we walked early. didjiman got some great photos. I hope that he's going to post some more later.

Afterwards we ran out to Marlena's. A bunch of the Imperial old guard was there. We had a few drinks, walked (most of the way, caught a cab for the last bit) back to the hotel.

After much sleep and breakfast at Mel's, we drove back South. Sunday was an aggressively unproductive day. We hit Costco and TJ's, and that was about it.

I really hope that I'm right and San Jose Coronation is the only big all-weekend event we've got left before CC.

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