Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Schadenfreude you can taste...

So you've got a Republican front-runner with what appears to be a commanding lead in the delegate count, and much of the conservative establishment hates him. Whether he's not conservative enough or just not their kind of conservative? Doesn't matter. They still hate him.

You've got a slipping Republican second-place man who is a johnny-come-lately to the conservative fold. The conservative establishment isn't sure whether to trust him, but they trust him more than the front-runner. There's also the basic suspicion about his religion, which to many Christians' standards isn't really Christian.

You've got someone who was a dark-horse third place Republican candidate, but he's (by some counts) neck-and-neck in the delegate count with the second-place guy, and the conservative establishment hates him too. They're also pissed because he played a more successful political game in West Va than his opponents. Backroom deals? There's a pot and a kettle out here...

Finally, you've got a kooky last-place Republican candidate who may pull enough delegates to have a voice (if not a chance) at the convention. Yep, you guessed it, the conservative establishment hates him too.

I forsee a lot of disillusioned Republicans. Maybe so disillusioned even the spectre of Hillary Clinton can't rouse them...

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