Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Ya know...

So I read this in the paper yesterday:

It's not without irony that the story of Ron Paul's "Ron Paul Political Report" is hitting CNN and the rest of the media (well, except Fox News, who apparently doesn't report so you can't decide) now.

The Pajamas Media article even has links to scans of whole report pages.

Now we're talking about something that Congressman Paul claims he didn't write. I bet he's even telling the truth. It probably was his newsletter editor.

It's still as big a problem.

You often see candidates throwing blame on their campaign staffers. National campaigns are large organizations, subordinates will do stupid things without anybody above approving it.

That's still a problem.

Ron Paul's newsletter, though, wasn't a national campaign. There weren't layers of management separating him from what was happening. There weren't thousands of employees and volunteers that needed to be managed. It was a political fanzine for all practical purposes.

The federal government dwarfs a national campaign. It's a much bigger management job. If Ron Paul failed to manage a little newsletter all those years, he shouldn't be managing the country.

(Of course, by that standard, GWB's spectacular management failures should have disqualified him out of the gate.)

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