Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


The hard-drive failure right before going up to Redding pretty much put the nail in us getting the diamon hitatare kamishimo done for 12th Night.

The fall-back plan is going well, though.

I've got my unlined Momoyama-period kataginu done. It's a good test-bed for the basic hitatare pattern ideas, as it's basically a hitatare without the sleeves. I'm really happy with the collar. Definitely going with the traditional square neckline for everything in the future rather than the curved neckline cut-out that Marshall suggests in his pattern.

K's is cut out and he's working on it now.

If everything comes together, we may screen mon onto them.

I'm looking into options for eboshi. Soft eboshi is probably going to be the answer. Quick and simple.

We're still going to try to get the hitatare done for Further Confusion.

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