Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

what the hell, we'll go for a little politics...

So folks are asking "What can the Democratic Party do?"

1. Stop feeding at the bullshit trough. There were plenty of legitimate points that the Kerry campaign could have used against Bush (and they did), but they kept falling back on the bullshit. I truly loved seeing FactCheck slice the Republican campaigns and 527s, but frankly it was embarrassing each time they kicked the Kerry campaign and Democratic 527s for repeating debunked claims. Yep, repeating. Swear off the bullshit. Put together a fact-checking team and vet claims before publicizing them. Retract or correct claims when an independent fact-checking org provides documentation.

2. Kill the newspeak. "Politically Motivated" is bullshit. "Politically Motiviated" is a way to distract from the truth of your talking points.It's a political campaign.  Of course talking points in a political campaign are politically motivated. Say that. "Politically Motivated" is bullshit when the story is true. "Flip-flop" is bullshit. A sensible person reevaluates positions when the facts and evidence change. Say that. It will offend the faithful (because faith doesn't waver even in the face of contradictory evidence), but I think that's a loss that has to be taken.

3. Respond to attacks. Respond quickly and forcefully. I know some people subscribe to the theory that responding to attacks only reinforces the attack. I think that's pretty much been debunked.

4. Campaign everywhere. This whole red-state/blue-state thing is bullshit. Most of the country is pretty damned purple (except for Bush home-territory Texas and a few areas so sparsely populated that there aren't enough people to vote for both candidates). Every state is a battleground state.

5. Don't dress up common sense in intellectual clothes. Common sense can be good enough on its own. Say what you mean, in blunt terms if appropriate. Don't fake it.

Republicans claim that Democrats are paternalistic, and base their platform and policies on the perceived stupidity of the electorate, while they themselves campaign on and depend on the gullibility of the electorate. End the bullshit! Stop spreading it, and don't let your opponents get away with spreading it!

I'm going to work on this a bit more and send it to the DNC and some Demo 527s.

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