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Mixed weekend...

So the IRLM Christmas Show (yeah, I didn't get an announcement) at Club SPLASH on Saturday night was pretty successful, particularly looking at how last-minute it was. We raised $400 for the night.

The sad thing is we got an email this morning from DJ Whirl that George, the new owner of the club and long-time publisher of "The Point" newspaper died in his sleep Sunday morning after going home for the night.

George was not a man without flaws, but he worked his ass off for the south bay queer community. He and his team were doing a great job rehabbing the old "Waves Smokehouse" and returning a bit of glory to the historic building. It was really nice having another gay club downtown (besides Mac's Club) and another gay dance club in the county (besides TD's).

Word from SPLASH is they may be closed while they sort out funeral arrangements, but the club will be around for the long haul.

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