Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

small accomplishments

Got the order mix-up with Marcy Tilton sorted out satisfactorily.

Got a ride-in appointment scheduled to rebuild the seat for the K75. November 12, 7:00am in Hollister. Blah, but it needs to be done and I have that day off.

Got my health plan changed to Kaiser. It's not like I was taking advantage of the old one, and this will give me incentive to make use of it come January.

Left a voice mail with Scharffenberger to talk about the CC26 tour group in April.

Ordered a hemp fabrics swatch set from Pickering International. It comes with the price list, so we'll see if it's affordable.

Ordered the Silk Connection Swatch Set.

Ordered the free bleached linen swatch set from

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