Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Prime Rib for esprix

"just brown all the way through" is well done.

And "prime rib" isn't steak. Trust me, I worked in meat.

"Prime Rib" is just the best-marbled huge standing rib roast you can get. Beef roast, not steak. It's also overrated; the same cut in USDA Choice grade is much cheaper and can taste just as good and be just as tender.

From a restaurant point of view, prime rib is really easy. Cook it slow for a long time to barely medium, and it's done. It's done usually by the time dinner starts. You just cook more roasts for a prime-rib special night. Slice off a rib, plate it, and send it out. If somebody wants "well done" slice off a rib, throw it under the salamander for a bit (or in the deep-fryer, once it's the "well done" most people are asking for it's impossible to tell the difference, and at least the deep-fryer doesn't dry it out). This is why at ConJosé we were so pissed when the Fairmont Grill took so long to get kproche's prime rib out after we told the wait staff he had a panel in an hour.

Oh, and while I'm at it, you don't dip things in au jus. You dip things in jus. Au jus is "with juices." Don't ever sit down in a restaurant with me where there's a "French Dip Sandwich with au jus sauce."

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