Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Silicon survived...


K was supposed to have Friday off, and I was hoping to get out early.

Then K had to take the car in on Thursday. Fortunately, our rental for the weekend was huge and had great cargo space.

On the downside, K had to go into work for a few hours Friday morning, and two of my folks were on vacation so my "early" was 5:30. We got there and moved in, though. Well, K got there and moved in, and I met him in time for dinner with jorhett.

We changed into Japanese, and spent the rest of the evening at parties. We were landlords for britgeekgrrl and iamradar's "Pancho's Crosstime Cantina" party, which, was, of course, excellent. There was also a great sfinsf party hosted by lady_leandra and johnnyeponymous. The patio featured a J-rock band that wasn't made of suck, but were loud enough to need to close patio doors at the opposite end of the deck. K went to bed around 1:30 and I followed about an hour later.

Saturday morning we got up at 7:30 for breakfast (joined by johnnyeponymous and bast_kitten) so we could bail on the convention for a while to the Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild meeting. We dragged bast_kitten along. Oh, I forgot. We were also wearing our stmungo scrubs. The gals got a real kick out of them. I played Vanna for the morning presenter, Therese May holding up some of her larger quilts. Unfortunately the slide projector failed (and K and I weren't able to figure out what was wrong with it), and we had to leave before she was able to give the rest of her presentation.

We got back, each did a panel, and decorated the room. It came together. We had sushi again with J, and opened the party around 9:30. Ran until a little after 2:00. Went through a case of champagne, almost a bottle of chipotle vodka, and almost a bottle of Nassau (something) that Merv and Judith brought the previous night. That's not counting the wine that J brought and poured.

Slept in on Sunday morning, not that it did much good. Had a late breakfast. lisa_marli helped me tear down the room while I missed the 11:30 "Masquerade Presentation" panel that K and I were scheduled to do together. We finished up in time for me to be late to (but still make) the "SF Military Costume" panel that we were also both on. Then we got moved out, checked out, and sat down to chat with a few folks before heading home. Got the car unpacked, got some dinner, and went to sleep. Slept 15 hours. Still tired.

All in all, I saw very little of the convention.

So the lessons are: It doesn't matter that Silicon is smaller. Take off Friday and move in Thursday night. Maybe stay over Sunday night. Don't try to cram everything in to barely two days.

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