Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


No, it's not memesheep, it's Little Sheep.

Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Co. Ltd. opened a restaurant in Union City, and we went with didjiman, karisu_sama, their daughters and a bunch of friends. The place mats are almost as comic as the website, reading like a badly translated corporate franchise sales brochure (which it probably is).

So note for the future: Going with a huge gang for an 8:00pm seating on a Sunday night isn't the brightest idea. We got out around 10:45 and still owe R for our share of the dinner.

It is very good, though.

Every table has an induction burner in the center, and gets a pot of boiling broth in which to drop thin-sliced meat and vegetables. We got the regular broth, but next time we might try the half-and-half (a divided pot with regular lamb broth on one side and spicy broth on the other).

They have a very large selection of things to dump in the broth, including many "variety meats." Service isn't the quickest in the world, but once the food comes out to the tables that's not an issue. At least it's not an issue if you don't have an extended table of 10 people and your second tray of stuff sitting out of view where nobody realizes that it's the stuff you're waiting for.

I'd probably do this place again with 4-8 people, rather than the big mob.

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