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Some days I think I hate eBay...

I just won 3 auctions for printer supplies (remember that printer?). At the rate I'm going, we can expect a final per-page cost of about $0.07-0.08 (and that includes the cost of the printer) for about 10k pages. Just need a spare fuser and an imaging unit (the big-ticket items, of course). Sure as hell beats the print shop prices for color laser output, or even retail prices for color-inkjet output at home.

BTW, yeah, it's still running on the consumables that were in it when we bought it. We've used it to run tri-folds and fliers for distribution at 2 different Coronations. I just want spare supplies in stock so when what's in the printer finally runs out we're not back to the inkjet while waiting for new parts.

I keep running into newer color laser printers relatively cheap, but frankly, the output on this old tank is gorgeous, and it's much more of a workhorse (we'll never run it's maximum duty cycle. ever.) than any of the cheap color lasers available now. Only bit that sucks is it takes forever to image MSOffice output (but that's more because MS output sucks, not just because the imaging engine is slow). At this point I see no reason to buy another printer unless we find something that can print tabloid size or larger cheap (which means still watching liquidation auctions).

On the other hand, I got sniped by a penny in the last 10 seconds of an auction for a fuser. Piss me off.

Lessons learned:
Set a strange maximum bid. Not a nice round number, and with a few cents added on. Unless this bozo was using bidding software (possible) or exploiting a security hole to find out what my max bid was (not likely), he probably just pulled $70.01 out of his ass, hoping that it was over any other likely max bids.

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