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Thursday Tradition

South Park
(if you're a sick fuck)

It's been a while since any episode captured the feel of the original The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Santa). It also ends up making sense (and if you read my last entry, you'll understand why that's interesting).

Drawn Together?

Still not enough Ling-Ling!. But better. Xandir and Ling-Ling! kicking robo-spider-camera ass was good.

It's feeling like (but I'm hoping not) they've blown their wad when it comes to Xandir. They've been falling into stock gay jokes and effeminate relationship jokes with him (while throwing in regular and good Captain Hero innuendo).

Oh, and Wooldoor's "Joe 90" reference (I think it was a "Joe 90" reference) was priceless.

Toots is getting a frame, but probably not until after FurCon. If you don't understand, don't ask. If you understand, be afraid. Be very afraid.

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