Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

I have started...

...on the stmungo scrubs pants. They're cut out, and I'm about 1/4 way through putting them together.

Still loving the Kwik Sew scrubs pattern. Directions are rock solid, and some of the weirder bits are really worth it.

Thinking things over, I would not do this pattern in some other knit, unless it was a real tight knit with very little stretch. The eyelash is totally saving this, making all kinds of little flaws disappear.

I am so glad that the Pfaff 332 is back and working. Except for its lack of a knee-bar speed controller, it's an absolute dream of a machine. Parts are getting scarce, though. If it ever dies I expect I'm looking for a Pfaff 1222E to replace it.

  • Cardio day

    219.5 lbs Nike+ 35'18" 10'08" pace 3.48 mi 539 cal Polar 1:00 1003 cal 154 avg hr 187 max hr Bodybugg 56'00" 713 cal 11.3 cal/min 5702 steps

  • Trainer day

    219 lbs Polar 35'36" (started recording 20 mins in) 328 cal 113 avg hr 141 max hr Bodybugg 38' 289 cal 5.6 cal/min 495 steps

  • Cardio day

    219.5 Nike+ 35'07" 10'18" pace 3.41 miles 525 calories Polar 1:29 1431 calories 151 avg heart rate 185 max heart rate Bodybugg 1:21 876 calories…

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