Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


Made it through the weekend.

Friday afternoon we headed up to San Francisco to the Cathedral Hill Hotel for the GSGRA Best Buck In The Bay sponsors reception. It was pretty quiet compared to previous years. I think the transit time from SF to LaHonda is really cutting into the entrants (and the crew) showing up for the social events.

(Yes, the old Hyatt Rickey's in Palo Alto was closer, but transit time wasn't much different)

The food and drink was good, and we got to see a few people. We followed it up with a run to the Sundance Saloon (at Space 550 in Bayview, mere blocks from jorhett's house, and K got some dancing in. Then it was time to head back to the hotel and get some sleep; Saturday was going to be a long day.

Saturday we got up, got some breakfast (the Jack Tar cafe at the hotel isn't impressive) and drove down to San Gregorio (yeah, I know it's La Honda, but the ranch is closer to San Gregorio than La Honda), where we met howierd. We were both planning to shoot as many events as possible, and he started with Mounted Breakaway (roping) and Chute Dogging (rough stock) before I arrived. We proceeded to shoot a lot, and stayed until the last event of the day (shortly before 7:00pm). It took quite a while to transfer pictures over to my laptop. Most of the ride home was spent copying pictures.

We got in a shower (the rodeo grounds are very dusty), some quick dinner at Mel's (much better than the hotel food) and headed over to the Buckin' Ball. Looked around at the shopping, chatted with a few people, watched the show stumble and finally (I think) lurch to a start, and then headed to bed.

Sunday we got up, got some breakfast (Mel's), packed up the car and got to San Gregorio at about the same time as Saturday. Did a bit of shopping in the vendor area before starting to shoot, and then repeated Saturday.

Between howeird and myself, we shot somewhere around 10,000 frames over the two days. howeird is a very good sports photographer, and has a real knack for keeping the action in frame. He's definitely got a much lower crap ratio than I do. Looking at some of the files, though, my results fared much better than I expected based on what I was seeing in the viewfinder.

Unfortunately, with 10,000 frames, there was a lot more fiddling around before I could show off pictures that evening. I didn't really have anything until after dinner was served (and dinner was good). If we do this again next year, I'm going to be asking around August for folks to join in. We need a few more photographers (so folks can take breaks and nobody has to spend the whole day shooting) and a processing team to retrieve chips and get them to disk and sorted as the day moves along. It might even be possible to have pictures to show Saturday night at the dance (which would have been cool).

Awards ran very efficiently, and we handed out buckles to the folks who won Goat Dressing.

Oh, on the goat dressing... this year's goats were a bit bigger and more ornery than in past years, and it was much more of a challenge than usual.

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