Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

'splodey brain (again)

I've got my scrubs pattern done up in true-grid. It turns out that K and I are going to take the same size scrubs top (barring any lies on the envelope). Pants are a different matter, I'm going to take a large with a 5" extension (easier to hem up if I'm wrong) and K is going to take a medium, possibly without any extension.

At this point I love Kwik Sew patterns. They're on nice sturdy paper. The size gradations are color-coded. Every edge is labeled. I wish I could say that about any dozen other pattern companies.

The 'splodey part (because I hate cutting, but it wasn't really that bad)? Got some more artwork restored, and it looks like I'm down to a bit over 300 albums without art.

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