Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

It's always the projects I can't do...

...that I'm most excited about.

I'm happy with the results on the Japanese project, but I could have done better. Of course, that's why I used cheap clearance-rack plaid and sale calico. This iteration was more about learning how the garments went together. Still, the plaid and the purple look great together, and I'm wishing I had made my mistakes on something less interesting. And, of course, after being in the "I'm so glad that the next project isn't Japanese" state for Saturday night and Sunday, I'm already excited about the next iteration of Japanese.

Of course, if you rewind to 3 or so weeks ago, it was all about shopping for St. Mungos (because I thought I had good fabric for Japanese, and then I realized it's all in the warehouse and the deadline was upon us).

So we've got Mungo's to start on. Scrubs have to be done for Silicon.

I've got patterns. I like the Kwik-Sew pattern because the pockets, collar and yoke offer plenty of opportunities for embellishment. The women's pattern and misses' pattern have a button-down scrub top that is pretty cool too.

I've got fabric. The gallery isn't even up to date, I've got a stack of fabric I found while re-sorting the boxes of fabric from the garage that I haven't photographed yet (A copy stand! A copy stand! My Kingdom for a copy stand!).

I've got sewing machines and sergers that aren't overdue for a visit to the shop. I've got needles. I've got thread.

I've got a cutting table that's clean, and needs to be folded up long enough to vacuum the studio. Might get to that tonight.

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