Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


Saw Stardust. It didn't suck. It was, in fact, pretty damned good.

Did a bit of clean-up on the studio. Got sewing machines put back on their shelves. Got spools of thread bagged and boxed (we're talking industrial spools and cones). Got the cutting table cleared off. Got unused fabric bought for the Japanese project folded but not yet boxed.

Sewing machines need to go into the shop. Working on the Japanese definitely made this obvious.
  1. Singer 4/2 thread serger is chaining the safety stitch fine, but dropping the chain on the 2-thread overlock
  2. Pfaff 332 needs a new spring bail on the tension control; part of the spring snapped off and it's not holding the thread in place
  3. Elna Supermatic just needs a tune-up
  4. BabyLock serger definitely needs a tune-up and lubrication. It's starting to stick when it warms up.
  5. The Kenmore probably could use a tune-up; it hasn't been in to a shop in years.

Need to do a bit more cleaning in the studio and take a few sewing-free days. Japanese is off the schedule for a while, as wizard scrubs for stmungo are next.

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