Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Spent money...

We went to Eddie's Quilting Bee this morning to check out an Elna Stella TSP they had out of the way on a top shelf.

If you don't know what it is, the Stella TSP is a very high quality very small portable sewing machine (and a beautiful piece of industrial design). It's actually functional enough it would be good as your only sewing machine. I tried it out, it's in very good condition and still includes most of the original accessories (although it needs a snap-on ankle for the two feet under the cover). It's missing the instruction manual, but that's not a grand disaster, it's pretty easy to set up and use. If you need a very small portable machine with stretch stitches and a free arm (albeit a weird flat free-arm), and it'll kick a Singer Featherweight's ass any day.

We just don't need it. We've already got machines that do everything it does, and we've got machines that, while not as small, do pack up nicely. If you need a portable machine to take to events (like, say, Costume College or Costume-con) go buy it. If you get to Eddies before the store moves in two weeks, you'll probably get a really good deal on it.

On the other hand, we also tried out a Baby Lock Embellisher needle-felting machine. The basic technique with it is so dirt-simple it's amazing. It was on sale (like everything in the store), but there weren't any units in stock. New units are coming in Tuesday, so we rang up for one and will be going back Saturday to pick it up. Of course, that now introduces a whole new set of materials we've got to start stocking...

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