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iPod came in this morning :)

A few surprises, as always, with any new piece of hardware. Apple has been dropping the price of the iPods with each revision, and what comes in the box with them has changed again.

Configured the iPod on our WinXP box at home, and I was right in my assumption that setting it up for Windows was the best way to make sure it would work with all the machines I use.

Found out I needed one more cable than I had. Ran over to the university bookstore when I got into work to pick up a second extra docking cable so I have one for my Mac at work, one for the WinXP machine at home, and a travel cable for my and kproche's laptops.

Downloaded and registered PodWorks so I could pull files from the iPod back on to the Mac. Cheap, sophisticated, and has what looks like great iTunes integration. We'll see how it does when I pull a few files off the Win box at home and try to transfer them to the Mac tomorrow.

Downloaded and registered Anapod Explorer so I could pull files from the iPod to my Windows machines. Kind of hated it for a little bit, and it has no iTunes integration, but I compared it to a few alternatives and it's head and shoulders above the others. None of the windows iPod utilities I could find had iTunes integration. I'm not thrilled with it, but it does what it does well, and it wasn't a waste of $25. Deleted all of the music from the laptop and just transferred back a few songs, and it worked.

Ordered an imp from SiK, and a TuneDok too ($10 cheaper than Fry's).

Still no cases designed to fit the new controls. I guess I can wait.

All in all, though, a satisfactory result ;)

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