Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Some times you have to clean...

...and sort to get things done.

I spent the last few hours digging through our box of patterns.

I sorted out a stack that I'm pretty sure is complete. There's a bag of Burda, a bag of Butterick, a bag of Kwik Sew, a bag of McCalls, a bag of Simplicity, a bag of Folkwear, a random bag of modern patterns (including some Vogue and Style) a random bag of historical patterns (including a Wingeo, a Wisconsin Historical Society, some Eagles View and some Past Patterns) and a bag of K's custom patterns.

I even found a bunch of patterns that weren't in the box and were randomly shelved. Now if I only had an idea where some clearly missing patterns were too.

There's also a huge stack of random tissue, paper and un-identified cloth patterns still in the box. I guess I'm going to be ironing tissue and sorting for a while longer. When it's all sorted, I may put a catalog up on my website.

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