Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Now that the Pottergasm is over

It's been a busy two weeks. While some of it has been spent enjoying that we're done with Westercon 60 and BayCon 2007, it hasn't just been an orgy of relaxing and doing nothing.

Last weekend was, of course, crazy.

Saturday morning we had the monthly PenWAG meeting. The pasta salad that I made didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but it was still pretty good.

Saturday afternoon we joined johnnyeponymous, britgeekgrrl, iamradar, dinogrl, dave_gallaher, jorhett, jjustisp, squeezle and kitnboots at St. George Spirits for their "Summer Camp" party. Oy... was it a party.

They released the Basil Eau de Vie, a delightful infused brandy.

Dave was up at the still running a batch of thai-basil infused brandy. It didn't have the broad range of flavors that the orange peel did, but it was still pretty impressive. One of their sample cocktails was a "Thai Fighter" with the basil, lime juice and a bit of sugar syrup. It wasn't that great, or rather it didn't taste particularly "Thai" until we added a tiny dash of the chipotle vodka.

We were also lucky enough to get a sample of Lance Winters' latest experiment, "Christmas Tree." It's noble-fir infused vodka. It sounds really strange. It is really strange. It's also really good. It would probably sell like hotcakes in Quebec (where they drink "spruce beer").

We concluded the day with a trip to Hayward for the Alameda County Leather Corps annual contest. For the first time in 4 years it wasn't over 100 degrees. The hall was kind of warm, but nothing really bad. The show opened with a burlesque troupe (and a very good burlesque troupe at that). The contest itself was pretty uneventful; two contestants had held Santa Clara County Leather titles in the past and the third had lost last year's ACL contest, so they had some experience. Ronnie and ted_e_lthrgirl came away with the titles, and we headed home.

We did a lot of nothing on Sunday to make up for all that.

Wednesday we went to the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce BBQ at Jeff's fabulous house in the Silver Creek hills. Catering was decent, house was gorgeous, lots of fun people there.

This brings us to the past weekend.

We decided not to try to get Potter7 on Friday night. We decided to have a nice dinner at Vin Santo. After dinner we walked past Hicklebees and found Ken, Jerry and a friend getting ready to help set up the Potter Party there. Only thing is it was already set up. We hauled them back to the restaurant and had a few drinks while they waited for the party to open. Then we went home.

Saturday morning we did some shopping. We had wine to pick up, so we chased around until we found the right FedEx pick-up location (they've split Express, Ground and Home Delivery into three sites). We got some silver polyclay at D&J and checked out Hancock's Fabric for a Costume College project. The Barnes & Noble at Westgate was sold out of Potter7, but the Almaden Valley Costco wasn't. We had to stop at Costco anyway, because we needed limes for karisu_sama and didjiman's Potterthon. Costco had a bag of limes for $5; Safeway was selling limes 2/$1.

We brought chocolate and basil eau de vie (along with the makings of Basil Mojitos) to the Potterthon. We chatted and watched a lot of Potter movies. Finally, we went home and went to sleep.

BTW, if you take the basic Mojito Recipe (half a lime, mint leaves, teaspoon of sugar, 2 oz rum, muddle heavily with ice, top up with soda) and pull the mint leaves, swap the white sugar with turbinado sugar and swap the rum with basil eau de vie it's absolutely divine. I have to get a new lime-squozer, though; the acrylic one we had broke. I also need to get a good muddler; we ended up using the handle of a hammer.

Sunday was the Westercon 60 wrap-up BBQ. It was much quieter than the BayCon wrap-up BBQ. I think a lot of folks were very fried still.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading Potter7 while K cleaned the studio. I did take some time to work on a few studio bookshelves, and found stacks of old crap to get rid of. It's just a start, though. It's definitely easier to get rid of crap now.

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