Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


'k, so there's this really great blog over at Strobist about how to use flash to get what you want. A really great blog.

There's only one problem for me.

It starts with the assumption that you're using a camera that has an accessory hot shoe. Now I've already bitched about the lack of a hot shoe on my camera, but we bought it before I started thinking about off-camera lighting.

I'm not going out and buying a new camera again. I've got two that are only a few months old.

Some of the stuff on Strobist I can take advantage of.

Some I'm going to have to guess about, because all I've got to trigger off-camera lighting is my on-camera strobe.

Anybody got anything specific to using off-camera lighting triggered by on-camera strobe? Information on how to get around some of the more obvious flaws?

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