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Spread the word, nominations for the 2008 TAFF race are open until July 30, 2007!

But what's TAFF, and why should it matter to you?

I'm a big subscriber to the "Fandom is better shared" philosophy. The internet has helped connect fans in ways that nobody imagined, creating new opportunities to feud and argue.

Back before the internet and (relatively) cheap air-fare, fans had fanzines and (this is the important thing) fan funds.

Fanzines provided (and still do provide) a way for fans to communicate, just somewhat more slowly than Livejournal or other web forums. Back in the 50's, some folks decided that print wasn't enough, though.

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund was created to bring British (and since then was expanded to all of European fandom) fans to North American Worldcons, and bring North American fans to the British National Science Fiction Convention (or European Worldcons). TAFF delegates represent their home and themselves to the rest of the world. It's a fair amount of responsibility, but the opportunities are amazing.

I think it's time to raise the profile of TAFF again. Think about TAFF. Think about nominating. Think about voting.

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