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So can anyone tell me...

...why, in this new "Bush gets his way" world, that some high-ranking GOP house members killed a popular bipartisan compromise Intelligence Reform bill that the President supported?

Are we just looking at some lawmakers who, hoping the extra 2-3 seats will make a difference, are trying to postpone things until the next session to get a bill more to their liking?


Are we looking at a new era of mono-partisan gridlock where different branches of the Republican party are struggling for supremacy?

While I'm on the strange questions tack, I've got one more.

When did Pat Buchanan start making sense? I'm not going to say he's moved towards the center, or that the center has moved closer to him, and I still don't trust him, but what happened here? Today's Merc included a very interesting editorial he wrote on the Bush Cabinet shake-up.

I don't agree with everything in the editorial, but I also didn't find myself reaching for the Maalox as I read it.

I know, in the next week or two, Buchanan will write something new that will piss me off. On the other hand, the administration's path may have so offended his sense of isolationism and nationalism that it may put him off his culture-war agenda for a long time.

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