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So, sorry, roguishdevil, I'm running around like a maniac these days.

kproche and I headed over to Carlas to work on the decor a little after 2:00pm on Saturday. Met up with markobellydance, Madame and Miss Edie. Spent a few hours getting set up and then ran to Habana Cuba for a bit of dinner.

Things started nearly on schedule (yeah, the show didn't start at 8:00, but most of the audience was sitting in the dining room finishing their dinner, so that was no big deal.

I ran sound while K tended bar. The lineup was great and included Grand Duchess 12 Angelique of Alameda, the lovely I Dalis Houston (Princess Royal and Miss San Jose Gay Pride) Grand Duchess Jen-a of Sacramento, Grand Duchess Sandy Dee of Reno, our own Imperial Crown Princess Ava Grab-Mor, Empress 32 Athena and of course Grand Duke-S Bearina and Grand Duchess Madame Steele.

Not only did the show start at a reasonable hour, it ended at a reasonable hour and made some good money for the IRLM.

Sunday we went back to clean up, hit lunch at Yankee Pier in Santana Row. Besides that? Just did a whole lot of nothing. The pirate show was a lot of work, and needed some serious recovery time.

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