Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

rampant consumerism...

The collection of remotes is starting to drive me batty.

Unfortunately, the TV remote will never go away completely; Viewsonic does a better job of keeping their remote codes secret than the administration does keeping undercover operatives secret. Without an expensive learning remote, we're stuck with it.

The CATV/DVR remote probably won't go away completely either.

On the other hand, if we could consolidate the DVD remote, the audio decoder remote and the receiver remote, things would improve (yes, we use all three regularly).

Thus I'm looking at a new receiver.

No, I'm not kidding.

JVC has a relatively nice AV receiver for under $500 that includes HDMI switching and up-converting ( manual download). It would offload a bunch of A/V switching from the TV (meaning the TV remote would only be needed for switching the screen on and off, and switching between regular AV inputs and VGA). It would auto-switch digital audio inputs matched with their video inputs. It would provide better integration with our existing DVD player.

So it's pretty tempting.

And it would probably knock us back to three remotes. One would be nicer, but three is OK.

There's only one big problem.

There are reports about problems between TiVO and Motorola DVR boxes and JVC HDMI receivers. Doesn't make me feel too secure. As it is, every few months I have to reboot the DVR because the TV gives me a HDCP error.

Onkyo has a HDMI receiver that reportedly doesn't have this incompatibility ( manual download). Of course, it doesn't support some of the cool integration features our JVC DVD player has. Still, worth thinking about.

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