Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

And there was much drama...

Sturm-und-drang erupted on furcon after the convention posted a survey about future hotel planning and a possible move. Well, a teensy bit of sturm-und-drang.

There was a comment on the OP's journal, though.

"...The DoubleTree will not be hosting any more conventions" is not true. Please stop spreading this rumor. This isn't good for FC or any other convention doing business with the DoubleTree.

The DoubleTree has signed contracts with several new conventions (I'm involved in one of them) and has signed new contracts with several existing conventions using their space. Just a few months ago they participated in a San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau reception promoting San Jose hotels (including the downtown hotels) to "fannish" convention runners. There is no evidence to support the rumor that the DoubleTree is kicking out our sort of conventions.

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