Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

CC26: Rates on the rise!

Been meaning to get your Costume-Con 26 membership before the rates go up? Well, now is the time to act: rates go up on May Day! (5/1/07)

Our current rate is $75. On May 1st, we hop up to $85. Supporting memberships, Kids-In-Tow and Youth memberships stay at the current rate. If you voted for CC26 in Silicon Valley, you may apply your $10 voting fee towards your memberships.

What are you getting for your membership you ask?

Answer: Lots of opportunities to compete against and chill with other costumers and designers - and lots of reasons to get your picture taken! You'll find plenty of inspiration in our vendors area, and from the costumes in the halls. Show off your finest doll couture, your bushiest tail, or your sharpest vest crease. Pick up tips and techniques for making almost anything from our experts!

Costume-Con offers an abundance of educational workshops, competitions, and social events. Check out our website, for the latest on our offerings.

We'll show our town off to its costuming best, guiding you to fabric, museums, and restaurants. This is California! Expect great weather and endless opportunities for fun.

Don't forget your time-traveling togs!

Join us at Costume-Con 26. Visit and register before the fees ascend! The Doubletree Hotel San Jose will soon create a Private Online Group Page for online reservations. More news soon!

Please forward freely.

"Costume-Con" is a registered service mark of Karen Dick, used by permission.
"CC26! Adventures in the Costume Continuum" is a project of The Unconventional Foundation.

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