Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

So we're thinking...

...about getting a digital photo frame to use for slide-shows for the CC26 fan table.

I haven't been thrilled with using my laptop. The screen is nice and big, but then the laptop is tied up.

I thought for a few minutes about using our old portable DVD player. It's an old Panasonic with a 5" screen, though. Not optimal.

Costco has a few digital photo frames at good prices. The Philips 9FF2M4 seems to be the best option. The Pandigital frame at Costco ($60 less) has been getting trashed in reviews.

I'm not sure, though. Battery life isn't thrilling...

...and I could buy a bunch of 4x6 print binder inserts and print a lot of pictures for $200 and tax.

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