Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Rewind 7 (Sunday, Mar 11)

After emailing back and forth with Katie (the gbacg_costume workshop coordinator), we planned to go to Costume Academy in Berkeley, the annual GBACG workshop day to talk up Costume-Con 26.

Of course, that involved getting up early the morning after San Jose Coronation (after the DST shift), which was a bit painful.

Still, we got to Berkeley about 15 minutes after lunch break had started. In addition to catching up with a bunch of folks who are already registered for the con, we found a surprising number of people who had no idea such a thing was happening. This was corrected.

We also introduced these people to the joys of badge ribbons, handing out "minion" ribbons to a number of the attendees (instructors and dealers in particular). It only took a few examples to get the point across.

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